June 23, 2011

50% off Studio & HAUL!!

I have been waiting so long for a 50% off studio sale to begin and now they have one! yay!! 
So I just ordered 50 dollars worth and only paid 25$ (excluding the $6 shipping blah). So exciting!! Here is what I ordered below! When I get these goodies in the mail I will defiantly put some pics and review some products in the future! If you see any products you want reviewed or swatched below comment and I will do so a.s.a.p!! 

Studio Single Eye shadow- Amethyst
Blush Brush
Flawless Finish Foundation- Buff
Studio Pressed Powder Foundation- Buff 
Studio Golden Bronzer
Cream Blush- Heart breaker
High Definition Powder
Kabuki Face Brush
Studio Conditioning Lip Balm- Mellow Mellon & Nice and Natural
Studio Matte Lip Color- Natural
Studio Tinted Moisturizer- Nude
Shimmer Palette 

So I got about 13 products for just 25$ normally 50$ WOW! 
For future reviews swatches and tutorials please follow and comment! Thanks for reading!!

xoxo Asia 


  1. Are you a fan on their fb page? They also have a 52% off code for Studio products exclusively for their facebook fans.

  2. Really?? Wow what have I been missing this would have been so useful in the past, but now I know! Thanks!

  3. I went a little crazy and bought $75 worth of stuff for $50 (I got some essentials items as well). I've never ordered off there before and I have zerrrrrrrooo good make up right now so I'm really hoping the stuff I chose is nice quality.

    1. hey trust me i love e.l.f. they are really good

  4. hey i wanted to know how you like your tinted moisturizer


  5. hey i think it would be cool if you did some swatches of your haul


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